The Brand

It was on the Swedish west coast where the work began to take off. The creators Niklas and Jesper lacked a really good pair of swim trunks on the market. Therefore they began to take matters into their own hands. Materials were hand-picked, details were eyed and the fit was tested so many times that they lost count.

The main purpose was to make perfectly tailored swim trunks in appealing colors and happy prints, where the brand’s name would be simple and completely impossible to forget. A ”Bralla” is a Swedish word for swim trunks. ”Ball” is a Swedish word for cool/awesome.
In 2015, the first collection of their awesome swim trunks saw the beach – ready to spread joy!

Join us

We do not strive to reinvent the wheel. However, we want to be the best brand of classic swimwear. We work hard, carefully and puts our soul in what we do. Our swimwear will spread joy and confidence and be extremely ready for a magical dips in the summer heat.
We are BALL BRALLA – Join us!

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